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Semi-naked wedding cake with large colourful flowers


I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately because as a wedding planner you need to be aware of new emerging colours, styles and trends in the industry.  It is interesting that depending on where you get your news, there are many stories out there as to what is the one true trend.  In fact there is not really one trend, but many ideas that can work together or separately as most fashionable.  This day and age provides so many wonderful options to put together that you can find something for every couples taste and budget.


Wedding Cake

One January blog post tells us that Naked caked are a thing of the past but “semi-naked” cakes with a little cover up of icing are completely in. Another blog tells me that vanilla is outdated, so you should get interesting with your flavour selection. Metallic cakes and hand painted details are in, but so are marbled cakes, geode designs, floral accents, square shapes and donut cakes. Wait…what? Yes, donut cakes….a stack of donuts displayed beautifully on a cake stand with a small cake as the top tier (instead of cupcakes).  The cake can be fun, a little more serious, classic, rustic, completely colourful….or semi-naked.  Just about anything can inspire your wedding cake design!


Greenery Decor

Colour is making a comeback instead of all white weddings, and less florals with more props. Ceiling décor with elegant chandeliers, drapery or ceiling orbs.  Trees are being incorporated and more greenery.  “Greenery” is actually Pantone’s colour of the year.  Chalkboards are still popular for signage but 2017 is bringing in more mirrors.  Again, décor is about what the couple really likes.  There are so many options to be creative!


Shrimp Appitizer

Almost anything goes here and again, the more creative the better.  Food trucks are becoming popular to bring in for late night snacking.  It doesn’t just have to be for ice-cream, poutine or pizza – you can even bring in trucks to serve lobster!

The Great Gatsby Theme and the roaring 20’s of art deco, glamour and drama is a big one using the gold and black colour scheme. You can throw a glamorous party with food that utilizes a classic menu which includes shrimp cocktails, appetizers, tea sandwiches and champagne cocktails.

Food stations are still popular and this way you can serve a little or all of your favourite foods.  A station for Italian food, a carving station, a burger slider bar or a build your own taco bar.  You can even have a drink station serving gourmet hot chocolate with all the fixings!

The truth is that there are certainly certain trends, colours and most popular styles, everything really should be inspired by what the couple is all about and the idea should grow from there.  Once you have your theme and wedding ideas, then incorporate some stylish elements of what’s popular now…and twist it so it’s your own unique style that’s fresh and romantic and has an element of surprise for your guests.

So what’s your style?

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