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The flowers you carry on your wedding day is a once in a lifetime accessory that that is with you for the entire day through ceremony, pictures and on video.

This is a special bouquet especially for you that can also dictate the style and colours of the flowers throughout the rest of the décor from ceremony to reception.

Although you may have worked with florists in the past, picking wedding flowers requires that special attention and you will want to find a florist that understands you. Your bouquet should be as unique as you with your personality and style.

Wedding flowers consist of the bridal bouquet but also bouquets for your attendants, corsages for the mothers, boutonnieres for the groom, groomsmen and both fathers. Maybe you want a corsage for your grandmother. You may also want flowers for your centerpieces and head table at the reception and possibly flowers for the ceremony location. You will want to understand just the scope of your flower requirements before you see your florist.

As mentioned above, before you see a florist you will want to have an idea of all of the flowers you will require so that the florist is quoting exactly what you need. Have a sense of the budget you will have to pay for flowers. Most florists will ask this question. Your budget will determine the best flowers and designs within your price range and the florists will find ways to save money and still provide something beautiful.

You should also have an idea of the style of flowers and colours you are looking for. For inspiration, make a collage of photographs from books, magazines and the internet. If you need help with this your coordinator can often get you started in the right direction. Bring these pictures with you to your meetings and a swatch of the bridesmaids dress fabric if you can….and even a photo of your wedding dress if you can. If you have any pictures of your ceremony or reception site this will help the florist with their designs as well.

It is wise to select your wedding dress before you select a florist and your flowers as the bridal bouquet design should be complementary to your dress. Once you have decided on what you need it is a good idea to book meetings and talk to 3 florists. Compare the styles and prices and be sure you feel comfortable with the people that will be working on your order.
Selecting the florist should be done approximately 6 months prior to the wedding.

The florist you select will know what flowers will be in season at the time of your wedding and can advise you on this. The price of a bouquet is not always dependent on the size of the bouquet but really is based on the specific flowers that are selected.

A good florist will be able to tell you what flower choices are realistic based on your budget , suggest alternatives if something may be expensive or unavailable, and will know what flowers will hold up best in the heat of the summer (especially if you plan an outdoor wedding). The florist will design your bouquet with seasonal flowers in mind as well as your bridal colours. The size and shape of your bouquet will be influenced by your dress and the type of flowers you select.

Although there are no rules to follow regarding the bouquet design, you will also want to keep in mind the bride’s own proportions. A large and heavy bouquet may be overwhelming for a petite woman whereas a bouquet that is too small may look miniature when carried by a more curvaceous bride.

The tone and style of the ceremony may also be a factor in the outcome of the design you select depending on if you are having a more formal or casual affair. You might even want to incorporate flowers that have a special meaning to you.

With proper planning, the right inspiration and a great florist you can be sure you will have the bouquet that will be as unique and beautiful as the bride.

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