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You just got engaged and have figured out what you can realistically afford to spend on your wedding day.

  Weddings do cost a lot these days. It’s hard to know where to spend the money and what you can scale back on, especially when you are in the beginning stages with your planning. Keep in mind that just because you are on a wedding budget, doesn’t mean you won’t have the dream wedding you’ve always wanted! You just need to look at the details differently. Here are a few tips to help you stick to your budget.

1. Keep your guest list small

It’s always so difficult to finalize that wedding guest list. There are so many people you have to invite such as important family and friends and you don’t want to leave anyone off the list!  Sometimes you will have people on your list simply out of obligation such as distant relatives  and your parent’s friends.  Some of these could be people you don’t even know!  The more people you have, the more expensive the wedding becomes  as you usually pay catering fees on a cost per guest basis. The hall you select will also be determined by the number of people you require space for.

Start trimming down your list.  Do it once, come back to it again in a week and do it again. Have the conversation with your parents about the guest list. This list doesn’t have to be finalized so early in the wedding planning process, but knowing the approximate numbers will help guide many of the decisions along the way.

 2. Don’t get married in peak summer season

The most expensive months to get married are the summer months in July and August when the weather is warm, however getting married in the early spring, late fall and in the winter months can often save a lot of money in hall rental fees.

Try looking at a Friday or Sunday wedding. A Saturday wedding is usually the most expensive date (although some halls do charge the same for Friday and Saturday).  Have you ever considered a weekday wedding?

3. Consider the time of day

A really beautiful wedding can be done in the morning with a luncheon reception.  Lunch menus tend to be less pricey than dinners and less alcohol will usually be consumed earlier in the day.

4. Use one location

Using one location for both ceremony and reception can certainly save some money. Many venues have the facilities and space to do both in one location. Often churches and synagogues or other places of worship have reception halls on site.

5. The Dresses

To save money on the bridesmaid dresses consider purchasing off the rack dresses instead of making custom ones – especially if you have a small wedding party. Tuxes can be rented. There is no need to purchase a tux that may not be worn again.  How about purchasing nice suits instead of tuxes? These at least the men can wear again to other functions after the wedding.

For your wedding dress, there are some locations around that will rent dresses or if you can find a store where you can purchase an off the rack  dress (rather than having the dress made) you will save a lot on your dress.

6. Save on the small stuff

There is no need to recreate those perfect Pinterest wedding  pictures.  Those are often staged photo shoots to get that perfect image.  Do you really need those custom napkins and candied almonds that no one ever eats?   Spend your money on the food and the entertainment.  Of all of the things people will remember at your wedding those two things are the most memorable.

7. Hire a wedding planner if you can

Although there is a cost to hiring a wedding planner, often they have more ideas and relationships with various vendors that can save you money.  They know how to work within your budget and will find you the best venue and vendors to help make your wedding beautiful. There are many more ways to save money than listed above, and your wedding planner can usually help with these things (from flowers and cakes to centerpieces and more).

Enjoy your Engagement and Happy Planning!

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