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In today’s modern world, it seems that everything is available on your phone or your computer. Why should wedding details be any different. There are many wedding website templates out there but having your own custom website designed by a professional is becoming popular these days.  Often a wedding website can be the easiest way to get all of your information to your guests in the way you want them to see it.

If you haven’t heard about or seen a wedding website, here is some information below about why custom wedding websites can be a valuable tool!

1. Having a wedding website makes it easy for everyone (you and your guests)

A wedding website can help make the weeks leading up to your special day a little easier. How many times do you think you will have to answer an email, phone call or text about a small wedding detail from guests? Why not put all of these answers in one place where everyone can access them at anytime. A wedding website in a nutshell is a digital invitation that never gets lost in the mail.

What information can you put on a wedding website? Anything you can think of! Some of the more popular features are Wedding Party introductions with pictures, details for the Bachelor Party, Shower, Jack and Jill, a Google map for locations, an entire wedding schedule and details such as what to wear, what hotels are nearby and what your favourite restaurants are in the area.

One of the best things about a wedding website is that it is interactive and instantaneous. You can post your RSVP deadline and add a submission button for guest to respond immediately or display the wedding menu with a submission button for guest choices. You can even have registry details with a website link to your preferred retailer. Unlike a traditional invitation or a template wedding website, the possibilities are endless!

2. Tell Your Story

How are you announcing to the world that you are getting married? A Facebook post like everyone else? A phone call to Aunt Judy, the family gossiper?

Maybe instead you would like to send out a video of you and your partner announcing your engagement/wedding plans that is professionally edited with all of the details of your Big Day displayed in graphic form? Sound good? Now you can email that video to everyone with a link to your website.  Starting with the engagement announcement and a few details and updating with invitation details and other information as time goes on.

A wedding website can have your own personal touches, such as photos, videos and personal stories about your relationship like how you met or how your partner proposed.  Some couples even choose to do quizzes about each other or have friends and family comment on their relationship.

Your wedding website doesn’t have to end when the ceremony begins either. You can update your site with wedding photos and videos or a Thank You note to your guests. One of the most original ideas on a wedding website was having all of the speeches from the reception posted on the site so those who didn’t attend or were having too good a time at the party to remember can read them. The happy couple can also have their vows displayed! But your site isn’t finished yet. You can still add videos and photos of your honeymoon.

3. A wedding website can save you money

Did you know that the cost of a standard wedding website can be cheaper than the cost of postage alone for traditional wedding invitations and RSVP cards?

What would you do with the extra money you save on printing and design costs for the wedding invitations themselves? Put it towards an expensive dinner as a reward for all your hard work planning your big day? Have a spa day on your honeymoon? By something extravagant for your home? The possibilities — much like your wedding website design choices — are endless …

4. Reasons your wedding website shouldn’t be designed from a template 

Most couples want their wedding to be something to remember and go to great lengths to add in unique touches whenever possible. Why should a wedding invitation and website be any different? Not only do professionally designed wedding websites raise the bar on traditional paper invitations but they also stand apart from templated versions that you have to build yourself….and can get complicated to navigate.  Why choose from the same list of templates and be stuck with adding the same information as every other couple?

You can now have a custom designed site match the same level of elegance, theme and beauty of your wedding plans. Having someone custom design your website for you will save you the time and energy it takes to learn how to build a “free” version of a wedding website. The months leading up to your wedding already are filled with the stress of ensuring all the little details of your wedding are perfect…do you really need to add “learning how to build your own website” to your “to-do” list?

The bottom line is a wedding website that is done by a professional will be beautiful, functional and creative without breaking the bank. It is the hottest trend in weddings right now!

Article by Dave Ashton, Tallships Media Corporation.

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